About Me


Allen Coleman

(Creative Director, Editor)

Growing up, I was initially insensitive to the potential that lay in my surroundings; as I begun to dig into the influences around me through travel and interaction, my world finally opened up to a new one. My love for People, culture and places has paved a perfect doorway into this new world that never ceases to dazzle me via style, design and travel.

In 2011 I took a break from my banking career desk and started shooting anything my camera and I found suitable to take back home. Coupled with my never ending thirst for style, I found myself painting a new picture with the incredible people I met on the streets as my paint brush. My knack for shooting street style quickly turned into front row seats at fashions shows and getting fetched lunch in my art director seat at look book shoots.

I have taken from everyone I have photographed, styled or interacted with. This platform is to return the favor that my journey has afforded me. In the process of showing you what birthed this platform, I yearn to convey what has inspired me through my journey as a street style photographer, creative director and an apparel consultant.

I have been writing and documenting style in Africa (South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria) cumulatively for 5 years, through my travels I find myself sitting in the middle of the buzzing creative scene particularly in Africa. ByAllencoleman® is simply a doorway into the journey of man who is infatuated with the beauty of his world. Enjoy