September 14, 2015

Normal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto; line-height:13.2pt'>I started documenting style with the aim of connecting like-minded individuals and also spark an appreciation of self through the wardrobe of others. Today’s wardrobe of inspiration has landed us in South Africa Johannesburg, by way of budding photographer, Harness Hamese. Hamese is a soft-spoken gentleman with an effortless command on sartorial super powers. I was instantly drawn to his style on first meet; his style is a refreshing blend of classic menswear with a subtle touch of edge that in my opinion represents the signature look of the modern gentleman.

ByAllenColeman It is believed every man has at least three style muses that influence a man’s wardrobe at any point in time. With that established, who would you say has a generous influence on your style.


HH Well, it has to be Ouigi Theodore from The Brooklyn Circus, Sven Signe fron The Stranded Sailors and Wanda Lephoto from The Sartists


ByAllenColeman We have all items that we wear almost once a week, for example I cant go a week without sporting my lucky angel brooch that I usually pin to my ties, what’s yours?

HH It has to be my brown Micheal Angelo Fedora hat

ByAllenColeman  Kindly complete this sentence,You can’t leave the house without your…….

HH Casio watch

ByAllenColeman  W`hat’s the first thing apart from fit that draws you to a piece of clothing?

HH Its Authenticity

ByAllenColeman 4 years ago what was your everyday shoe?

HH Red All Stars Original

ByAllenColeman Would you say your wardrobe and your personality have simultaneously changed? People tend to dress according to their age without necessarily embracing the growth? Do you think the changes in your life have reflected in your wardrobe?

ByAllenColeman I have learned to dress according to how I feel. To a certain degree, I believe the type of clothes you feel comfortable in, helps generated the amount of confidence you need to get though the day in your respected field of work.

ByAllenColeman I dress around my pants, after I pick my pants everything else comes together. What’s your ensemble builder?

HH I really don’t have a system I adhere to. Does that make me a bad gentleman? Lol…

ByAllenColeman We all have fond memories of visiting a tailor for the first time, What was your first trip to the tailor like?

HH I was actually worried he would mess up my favourite suit at the time and there wouldn’t be anything he could do about it.

ByAllenColeman On average, how many times do you see your tailor in a span of three months?

HH I’d say 8 times on average.

ByAllenColeman When did you start thrifting if you don’t mind me asking

HH I started thrifting 3 years ago when I met Andile Biyana from Khumbula.

ByAllenColema How important is quality to you, because most people think individuals who thrift have more of an appreciation for cheap items than for quality.

HH  When I thrift, its imperative that i put quality first. These are the clothes that represent my character and although they a cheap in price, the are expensive in quality and authenticity. My motto when thrifting is, “buy cheap, look expensive”

ByAllenColeman In 5 years what are you wearing now that you think you won’t be wearing?

HH My happy socks, they would have worn off by then..

Rodney Sams

This is so refreshing

  • September 18, 2015